The Prize Draw

Use your points to redeem entries into The Academy App Prize Draw. No cash involved! Use your hard earned points to enter in the draw for your chance to win larger prizes such as luxe holiday packages. As an Academy App subscriber, you will receive 15,000 points upon signing-up. Every month after this, you will receive 10,000 bonus points, as a monthly anniversary gift. These points can be used immediately across all features including the Prize Draw!

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The Marketplace

The Academy App Marketplace is a free platform for businesses to provide fantastic offers to our motivated community of Academy App users. Academy App users can use their points to redeem discounts on products, services & offers listed on The Marketplace. They can choose how many points they’d like to use towards the discount. eg. Business offers up to $10 off with points (10,000 points) & the user decides they want to use 8,000 points towards the purchase & receive $8 off.

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The Leaderboard

Every month, Academy App users can earn their rank on The Academy Monthly Leaderboard and win their share of the monthly prize pool. This prize pool varies from month to month, and will continue to grow as The Academy community grows. We all love a little competition and it’s great to see users finding ways to build their balance up through exercise, sleep, ‘perfect weeks’ and referring friends (a huge 10,000 points for each successful referral).

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Is it really only $3.99 per month?

YES! Let us tell you - our biggest challenge is convincing you all that there is no catch. It’s $3.99 per month to subscribe and access all of the value features listed. We are genuinely interested in making a REAL, positive impact on the health & fitness of society by incentivising active lifestyles. This app is built by some 30-somethings from Sydney who walk the talk, who are passionate about fitness, and who want to see their loved ones making positive changes in their lives. This is why the app costs less than a cup of coffee per month. That’s some pretty affordable motivation. So, jump on board, as we are just getting started!

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