Be top of mind with an audience of aspirational Australians who are looking to make better everyday choices.

As a partner, you can send offers & discounts directly to The Academy App users for FREE. This allows you to cut down on your marketing costs, build positive brand association & gain new, loyal customers. The super User-Friendly dashboard will give you great audience insights to assist in optimising & tailoring your offerings.


What we need
from you?

Quite simply, we need you to offer some truly great value to our apps users.

From the small everyday pleasures (hello half price coffees & smoothies) to the higher value items (activewear & electronics), we need unique & valuable rewards for our users, that will motivate them to continue leading a healthier & more positive lifestyle.

How to sign up
as a partner?

Register the business A few details are required so that we can verify that this is a legitimate, registered business.
Complete your bio Select the most relevant category, add your logo.
Create your first offer
  1. Select physical or digital offer
  2. Add location, title & imagery
  3. Select discount type
  4. Add the Offer dollar value (the app will calculate the points required for a user to redeem)
  5. Select the maximum amount of coupons that you like to be generated
  6. That's it, you're done!
  • Lead Generation
  • Easily post offers to our users & drive leads to your business!
  • A New Online Revenue Stream
  • Our latest feature is The Academy Marketplace where users can directly purchase from your online store by taking up your offer, using partial points or just directly purchasing in entirety.
  • Promote Your Business
  • Engage with a whole new audience without the advertising cost.
  • Data Insights
  • Depersonalised data insights about your customers that can help optimise your business offerings.
  • Make a Difference
  • Increase your business' CSR & contribute to a better lifestyle for your customers while building a more connected community.

The Academy App Partner Guidelines

As a company, we strive to maintain a positive reputation and work with partners who share our values. To ensure that we maintain this standard, we have established the following guidelines for our business partners:

We expect our partners to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and to operate their business with the highest level of ethical standards.

Quality Standards: We expect our partners to maintain a high level of quality in their products or services and to ensure that they meet industry standards.

Fair Labor Practices: We expect our partners to provide safe working conditions, fair wages, and appropriate benefits to their employees.

We expect our partners to take environmental responsibility seriously and to take steps to reduce their impact on the environment.

We expect our partners to prioritize customer satisfaction and to take steps to ensure that their customers are happy with their products or services.

We also have a set of restricted categories for our business partners. These are businesses that we believe are detrimental to a healthy lifestyle and do not align with our values. These restricted categories include:

  1. Tobacco and Vaping: We do not work with businesses that manufacture or sell tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and vaping products.
  2. Alcohol: We do not work with businesses that manufacture or sell alcoholic beverages.
  3. Gambling: We do not work with businesses that operate gambling facilities or offer online gambling services.
  4. Adult Entertainment: We do not work with businesses that offer adult entertainment services, including pornography.
  5. Fast Food and Junk Food: We do not work with businesses that manufacture or sell fast food or junk food products.

Frequently asked questions

Luckily for businesses, we've spent time creating an automation system which streamlines and makes the entire process of creating offers effortless. You essentially type in the dollar value of your offer and the app will automatically calculate the correct amount of points and post it accordingly next to your offer.

No. Businesses have a choice between creating custom offers, quick offer buttons such as 5% 25% and 50% off (which requires the business to input the total retail value and then click one of the following buttons), or they can create "Freebie" offers which is self-explanatory.

We request that businesses try and create exclusive offers for Academy members, but understand that sometimes this does not fit within the current marketing plan. Please be aware, though that offers can be flagged as unfair or misleading by our users, in order to protect the members and simultaneously incentivise businesses to create boutique offers for our members.

Gender, # of Academy users that have visited your business, # of redemptions, suburb/local council of users that have claimed redemptions, age of users that have claimed redemptions, parental status - and all displayed on a page that will break it down to help you better understand the information. This data is highly beneficial for optimising your business offering & understanding your customers.

We are extremely confident in our ability to provide the highest level of security to our users. We understand how important privacy is and want to reiterate that we are taking every precaution possible as well as abiding by all mandatory privacy and data storage requirements. All elements of our app have been stress tested numerous times prior to release to check for any weak points.

Absolutely no software needed. The goal was to create the most streamlined offer process possible and we believe we have achieved that. You can literally create an offer within the first 5 minutes of creating an account and it requires no previous experience. You will also be able to plan your offers, and create start/finishing dates.

Everything is done in the app. They can add you as one of their favourite partners and be notified when you have new offers available. Alternatively, they can search for you in the search bar, then redeem the offer they are interested in.

All your staff will need is access to the login details for your Academy account. If you provide your own POS codes, then they won't even need the app. The code will verify that they have redeemed item "x" and all your staff will have to do is provide it.

Please reach out at any time to our customer support team.

We are always looking to cross-promote on our socials & at events. We have some major promotions commencing in the early phase of post-launch. We will also be keeping our users up to date with EDMs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are keen to collaborate.

Many consumers will take action when they see an offer of 20% off and above but this figure can drastically change depending on the type of product/service. We believe that trialing different angles is the best approach. There is no one style of offer that will work for all businesses, hence why we want to supply our businesses with real analytics that can help them pivot and grow.

We require a minimum hi res quality, which most smartphones are capable of. Generally, the higher the resolution of the photos, the more engaging.

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