We see you!

Hitting your step goal, smashing your workouts, making time for self-care. The Academy App syncs with your health app & rewards you with points for achieving these goals and ultimately, leading a healthier lifestyle. These points can then be redeemed immediately for prize draw tickets, Academy App partner offers & also, count towards your Leaderboard ranking.

If you’re already hitting your goals, then this is one great bonus. If you aren’t, then consider this motivation!


Alright, cool but
what's it cost?

The app subscription is $3.99 a month and every single month, before you even move a muscle (literally), you will receive a huge 10,000 bonus points in your Academy App account. Ready to be used, with no strings attached! You can redeem these points instantly for Prize Draw tickets and shopping on the Marketplace.

How to sign up
as a user?

Download The Academy App
Sync it with your health app
Start kicking goals & being rewarded
  • Get Rewarded
  • Get rewarded for making healthy everyday lifestyle choices.
  • Improve your physical health & overall wellness
  • Improve your sleep habits
  • Become part of an ethical app community
  • You won't see random ads from us. You are not the product and we will never sell your data.
  • Stay accountable and compete with your friends by using our upcoming Buddy feature

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you are able to redeem your points as soon as you'd like.

We understand how important privacy is, and want to reiterate that we are taking every precaution possible as well as abiding by all mandatory privacy and data storage requirements. All elements of our app have been stress tested numerous times prior to release to check for any weak points. We are extremely confident in our ability to provide the highest level of security to our users.

Yes. As you can appreciate, we are a newly launched app and we are in the process of building up our marketplace partners. We have some incredible promotions planned which will further reward our users for referring businesses that get on board. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for these promotions!

Absolutely. There is a scale where you can select which portion you’d like to pay in points and how much you’d like to pay as a transaction.

We sure will be. Like most apps, there is always something bigger and better in the pipeline. We will be sure to notify you when a new feature is available.

Everything is done in the app. You can even add your favourite partners and be notified when they have new offers available. Alternatively, you can search them in the search bar, then redeem the offer you are interested in.

If you are looking at your wearable, please note that all data from our app is pulled from your native health app which needs to be refreshed in order to update. Simply refresh your health app and it should update on The Academy App.

The supply of goods & services are handled completely by the partner. Please contact them directly via their supplied registered email address, or send us an email and we will attempt to reach out on your behalf.

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