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The Academy App is a well-being ecosystem. The app syncs with your health data & rewards you with points for leading a positive & active lifestyle. The Academy App is constantly innovating and creating new ways to encourage people to live healthier and more positive lives.


Of Australians aged 18 or over are overweight or obese (ABS 2018e)


Of adults don’t get sufficient daily sleep (Deloitte, Exhibit 2b: Asleep on the job: Costs of inadequate Sleep in Australia, 2017, p. I.)


Less risk of depression when running for 15 minutes or walking for an hour each day (A study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health)


Around 3.3 million people in Australia live with anxiety (ABS 2022a)



Be rewarded for increasing your activity levels. The Academy syncs with your favourite health apps and rewards you for living a more active lifestyle!



The Academy App uses productivity alarms and sleep data to help support you in making good choices for your well-being.



We want to help create a social change for the better; this is why we will reward you for acts that limit or repair negative impacts on society.

Benefits for
Get Rewarded

The Academy App syncs with your health app and rewards you with points for making positive lifestyle choices. These points can be redeemed for tickets in the major Prize Draw and goods & services on The Academy App Marketplace. You can also earn cash prizes by placing on the monthly Leaderboard.

Improve your physical health & wellness

Keeping your body physically active and looking after your wellbeing should be a priority. We are here to cheer you on & reward you for kicking those goals.

Improve your sleeping habits

Sleep is often the missing piece of the wellness puzzle. It is SO important. So, if you track it & reach your goals, we'll reward you for it!

Make a difference

Become a part of an ethical app that wants to make a positive change in the community.

Stay accountable

Stay accountable and compete with your friends with our upcoming Buddy feature.

Benefits for
Connect your business with an aspirational audience

The Academy App users are motivated individuals with high aspirations to better themselves, making them the ideal customers to advocate for your brand.

Gain loyal customers

You will be able to build a new, loyal customer base by giving them direct access to great offers.

Make a difference

Increase your business’ CSR & contribute to creating a better lifestyle for your customers and your local community.

A new revenue stream

The Academy App users will be able to redeem your offers & make purchases from your store via The Academy App Marketplace.

We don't sell your data!

The Features

Check your points balance. View your productivity alarms at a glance. Keep an eye on your daily, weekly & monthly progress.


Scroll through a range of awesome offers to use your Academy points on. You can also filter by business and location.


All of your offers & prize draw tickets are easily accessible in The Academy App wallet. You can also view your redeemed and expired offers.

Productivity Alarms

Set your day up for success with productivity alarms. Choose from a range of templated alarms or create your own!

Prize Draw

Use your points to redeem entries into The Academy App Prize Draw. No cash involved! Use your hard earned points to enter in the draw for your chance to win larger prizes such as luxe holiday packages.


Rank on The Academy Monthly Leaderboard and win your share of the monthly prize pool.



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